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Aprendiz Project (Fundación Laboral del Metal)

Young immigrants who arrive in Cantabria, young people at risk of social exclusion and young people under 16 (special training programmes before they can access to Aprendiz).

It was created in 2004 by the Social Responsibility Program of Fundación Laboral del Metal (FLM). Since 2006 it has been developed by the joint efforts of the Fundación, the companies of the sector and the non-governmental Organizations that take action in Cantabria (such as Cruz Roja, Fundación Diagrama, Cuin, Cantabria Acoge, Nueva Vida and the Aula de Interculturalidad del Gobierno de Cantabria) to face the massive arrival of young immigrants to our territory and the shortage of skilled workforce in the metal sector.

The project consists of a series of concrete actions for the potential training of young immigrants and their transition into the labour market. The Fundación Laboral del Metal provides technical training and labour intermediation with the companies which take in the young people in formation through a system of internships and training contracts (which mostly end up being indefinite contacts). In 2009, The European Commission included the Aprendiz project in its Integration Practises Database.

This programme contributes to ease the skilled workforce shortage in the metal sector and it offers, at the same time, a career opportunity to both a great number of immigrants (specially young people aged 16 to 20 who arrive in Cantabria) and to other local collectives at risk of exclusion who also take part in the program. The students are trained in the most required technical positions (that are defined by the companies), which significantly facilitates the inclusion. One of the main goals of the FLM’s Social Responsibility Program is to facilitate training and job placement.

The Aprendiz project responds to the need to confront the massive influx of young immigrants and a shortage of skilled workers in the metal sector. The project assumes that the economic crisis is temporary and considers that European societies should be prepared to face up to an ageing population with corresponding labour force enforcement. The metal sector is deeply affected by workforce shortage and must work to eliminate the prejudices associated to the “dungarees” jobs.

The project has benefited a hundred young people with problems of integration and labour insertion, including immigrants who arrived in Cantabria in the last years. ONG partners identify young people interested in job training. They refer the “apprentices” to Fundación Laboral del Metal, in charge of education and technical workshops. Other companies are also contacted, where persons from the project can teach their practices and find job opportunities.

  • Quantitatively: From 2004 to 2008 there were 123 participants (15 – 30 trained / year) from Cameroon, Colombia, Gambia, Ghana, Morocco, Peru, Senegal and Spain between 15 – 20 years old. The 67% concluded the training course and 60% of the foreigners found a job.
  • Qualitatively: The positive results of this initiative prompted the election of Fundación Laboral del Metal as partner for an EU project called Pathways to Work (an EU initiative for young immigrants), oriented to job training and integration of young immigrants.
  • Methodologically: Project’s partners have made a positive evaluation of Aprendiz, which explains its continuity from 2004. Labour Insertion rates had been very high until 2009, when they declined due to the economic crisis. FLM has also been invited to Brussels to present Aprendiz to British organizations specialized in young immigrants integration. The objective is to replicate good experiences under the auspices of the United Nations.

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A project developed in Cantabria, which is focused on labour market inclusion.

Proyecto Aprendiz (Fundación Laboral del Metal)

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