In the framework of adult learning and development:

Human Capital (HC) includes the skills and knowledge we gather in formal and informal learning.

Social Capital (SC) is built through meaningful interactions between people and it facilitates the learning and use of these skills and knowledge. It, therefore, promotes active and sustainable learning.

Falk, I. (2000). Human capital and social capital: What’s the difference. Adult Learning Commentary, 28(8).

MINGLE aims to facilitate active citizenship by developing the Social and Human Capital of Third Country Nationals (TCNs) and foster, thus, their integration through interventions to minimum 500 locals and minimum 500 TCNs in the 5 countries of the project consortium (Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Germany, and Sweden).

The main activities for achieving TCNs’ faster and more effective integration are the following:

  1. Language Assessment and Training (For TCNs only)
  2. Intercultural Workshops (Training and Visits) (For TCNs only)
  3. Mingling Experiences (For TCNs and locals)
  4. Mentoring Sessions (For TCNs and locals)

This platform aims at bringing out best practices and noteworthy experiences in the field, as identified by the project partners through the implementation of the MINGLE activities.