Best Practice 15

Interculturaliz-Art (CMICAD)

Young population of Santander. The people who participate are children aged 8 to 14 (from Year Four to Year Ten). It is focused on early ages of training, since the process of socialization and value acquisition starts in this period.

This project was born in 2015 aiming at promoting values such as respect, tolerance and integration of the different cultures which coexist in the city among the child population and the youth. It is addressed to the school centres of our city and it consists in the realization of different creative quarterly workshops in the CMICAD, with different themes: the culture of a country is transversally worked each quarter. During the 2016-2017 school year, the cultural characteristics of Turkey, India and China were examined.

During the months in which the activities take place, children work the different aspects that surround a country: the language, the gastronomy, the music, the folklore, the geography, the history, etc. In addition to these “theoretical” aspects, craft and decoration workshops are organised in relation to the art of the country they are studying.

    • Quantitatively: the activity is very well received in the municipality, coming to number nearly 3000 participants in its years of existence.
    • Qualitatively: its playful character makes the attraction and positive development easier, since for the age period we are talking about is it necessary to teach the themes entertainingly.
    • Methodologically: this tool manages to connect with the youth and promotes its interest in the knowledge of other ways of life.

Socially: the youth who participates in the workshops expands its knowledge about other countries. However, this activity mainly involves an understanding of the existence of different cultural forms. Thus, we break down not only prejudices but also the positions we keep when it comes to diversity (me against the other).

□ Citizenship & Civic Engagement

□ Social Cohesion & Identity

□ Education

□ Cultural awareness

□ Intercultural communication

□ Mentoring sessions

It is developed in the municipality of Santander. A good practise focused on the educational area.

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