Best Practice 16

Christmas around the World

The population who participates in this good practise includes girls and boys at school-age. Specifically, it includes children aged 6 to 12 (primary education). It is focused in early ages of training, since the process of socialization and value acquisition starts in this period.

It aims at bringing them closer to the Christmas customs of different countries. “Christmas around the World” pursues the proposal “Interculturaliz-Art”, designed to promote tolerance and cultural integration among the children of the city. Thus, the participants learn how Christmas is celebrated around the world through creative activities, such as handcrafts and games. In addition to these activities, which are developed during school hours, the CMICAD prepares street workshops in Christmas, which are open to neighbours at all ages and infant workshops in the Christmas playroom.

  • Quantitatively: the programme, which was started up in 2011, has already more than 3.000 participants.
  • Socially: the youngsters who participate in the workshops expand their knowledge on other countries. However, this activity mainly involves an understanding of the existence of different cultural forms.
  • Methodologically: we encounter again an educative tool which combines the transfer of knowledge with the game format, which helps consolidate the ideas that are to be transferred.

□ Citizenship & Civic Engagement

□ Social Cohesion & Identity

□ Education

□ Cultural awareness

□ Intercultural communication

□ Mentoring sessions

It is developed in the field of the education system in the municipality of Santander.

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