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Cantabria HOSTS

Its activity is mainly developed with people who are vulnerable under the diversity parameters.

It is civil-nature social-character non-governmental association whose aim is the hosting and social and legal integration of vulnerable people under diversity parameters, whether they are foreigners or Spanish. It was funded in 1922, together with other “Hosts” (Murcia Hosts, Guadalajara Hosts, etc.) and since then its strategy is the comprehensive care of the users who come seeking help, which involves a coordinated work of the social, legal and labour areas.

Its activity is divided into four main blocks:

    • Social area (hosting and personalised attention, insisting on those individuals who require support in their social integration process)
    • Volunteering and awareness area (volunteering programmes and awareness activities targeted at youngsters and children)
    • Labour area (job search and self-employment)
    • Legal area (guidance and counselling in the fields of Immigration Law and the Family Law with an international dimension). Its framework for action is pretty complete. It realises a personalised follow-up of each case to offer the best help possible for the integration and fulfillment of the individual in the society.
  • Socially: it has direct consequences in the integration of the immigrant population in the community at all the levels mentioned. It enhances the welcoming feel, which generates a positive attitude both in the arriving people and in the hosting society.
  • Methodologically: the follow-up of the individuals and their accompaniment in diverse processes, that have to do with the relation with the environment, let achieve a greater inclusion, improving the network of contacts of the immigrant, his/her knowledge on the hosting culture and, consequently, the mobility within it (judicial, political, cultural, participatory field, etc.).

□ Children & Family Policy

□ Citizenship & Civic Engagement

□ Health & Welfare Benefits

□ Language Access

□ Social Cohesion & Identity

□ Housing and social services

□ Access to the labour market

□ Education

□ Participation in political processes and in decision-making

□ Judicial indicators

□ Cultural awareness

□ Language Training

□ Language assessment

□ Intercultural communication

□ Study Visits

□ Mentoring sessions

An organization which takes action in the area of Cantabria. It works in diverse social areas for the immigrants: the labour aspect, the socio-sanitary one, the legal one, the family one, etc.  

Cantabria ACOGE

Address: C/ del Monte Caloca s/n – 39008 Santander (Cantabria)

Tel: +34 942 36 44 45 +34 942 311 967 Fax: +34 942 364 445


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