Best Practice 2

Intercultural Center

The program refers to all Migrants, they reside in Nicosia Municipality

The program provides educational services, language classes, internet café and support by a social worker. In more details the program provides Greek, English language classes and Computer classes, free access to the internet and support by a professional social worker.

a.   Develop their linguistic and computer skills, in order to be adopted and included in the Cypriot society, and in the labor market.

b.    Provide a meeting place where the foreigners will be able to organize special events in relation to their own culture and customs and meetings.

c.    Create local networks between NGO’s, local authorities and foreign organizations.


 Language Access

Access to the labour market





☒ Language Training

☒ Language Assessment

☒ Intercultural communication

☒ Study Visits

☒ Mentoring Services

☒ Others

Nicosia Municipality Multifunctional Foundation located in Nikiforou Foka 40,1016, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Name: Stavroula Georgopoulou

Organization: Nicosia Municipality Multifunctional Foundation




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