Best Practice 20

Cross roads of Art (Σταδιοδρομία τέχνης)

Third-Country Nationals and Greek artists

The main goal of the Crossroads of Art program is the integration of Third-Country Nationals as well as their harmonious coexistence with Greek society through art.

Third-Country Nationals and Greek artists participate in theatrical and musical events and use their multimedia and programs to combat xenophobia and negative stereotypes.

Furthermore the project seeks to develop joint actions between Third-Country Nationals and Greek artists in the field of theater, music and multimedia.

Enhance artist collaborations by creating new shapes, highlighting the multiculturalism of art.

Communicate and exchange thoughts and experiences between Greek and Third-Country Nationals on issues of artistic expression and art as global languages.

To portray in Greek society the talents of Greek and immigrant artists who will participate in the events that will take place in Athens and Thessaloniki.

In order to succeed that the project Designed  and Implemented:

    • theatrical workshops targeting artists, including the introduction to acting, dance, improvisation, orthodontics, body theatre, drama, stage design and the aim of creating groups that will present their performances in outdoor events .
    • musical workshops targeting artists, including the introduction to musicology, musical cultures, acoustics, electronic music, composition, orchestra, chorus, traditional music of various cultures with the aim the emergence of different artistic expressions that will be presented at outdoor events.
    • Video art workshops targeting artists, including video theory and techniques, image composition, basic visual and acoustic principles, digital media and image and sound processing to create their own videos.
    • Outdoor events presenting the musical and theatrical works of the groups participating in the workshops. The aim is to promote the multicultural outcome to the general public.
    • Main events in Athens and Thessaloniki to present  the works of the artists
    • Production and distribution of DVDs with the presentation of the theatrical and musical performances of the outdoor events in order to promote the work of the artists.
    • Awards for the best teams
  • Training of: 80 artists in Theatrical Workshops, 80 artists in musical workshops, 40 artists in art video workshops
  • Development of Joint Actions for the integration of TCNs through art
  • Cooperation of Artists
  • Facilitation of dialogue among the TCNs and local artists
  • Support and promote of talent to the general public.

  Language Access

  ☒ Social Cohesion & Identity

 Cultural awareness


☒  Intercultural communication



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