Best Practice 21

Citizens of the world (Πολίτες του Κόσμου)

Third-Country Nationals


Radio Stations

Citizens of the world aimed in the production of radio broadcasts with topics directly relevant to Third-Country Nationals. Through the implementation of the program, an attempt was made to familiarize immigrants with radio and broad production techniques in the mass media.

The project also aimed in training Third-Country Nationals, with the material developed for the project, on how to successfully broadcast s radio show concerning:

    • Valid and comprehensive information to Third-Country Nationals (TCN) on issues affecting them.
    • Information and awareness raising of locals about social exclusion situations that many TCNs face in our country.
    • Familiarize TCN on radio issues and other production techniques in the media to get their own broadcasts / productions.
    • Exchange of information and experience between TCN and locals through their active participation in the implementation of radio programs
    • Incorporate the shows at the schedule of the radio station and market them to the public.
    • Broadcasting to an audience of mixed cultures of TCNs and locals
    • Getting help from professionals in the media
    • Mingling locals with TCN
    • Creative and fun way of involvement
    • Training guide with info about life in Greece in 8 different languages available here :
    • Training material on broadcasting for trainees and trainers available here :
    • Documentary “Multicultural radio broadcaster” available here :

Citizenship & Civic Engagement



 Cultural awareness

☒ Intercultural communication

Athens – Greece

Name: Vaso Anastasopoulou

Organisation: DIMITRA

Telephone: 2410554026