Best Practice 22

Intercultural and Political Education of Refugees

Target group of Kindergarten is children in the age range of 3 to 5 years.

The kindergarten hosts about 15 to 20 children, every day from Monday to Friday, from 09.30 to 13.30. The nursery is staffed by 4 teachers, 2 of whom are teachers and 2 other nursery staff. The structure of camp Kindergarten follows the educational specifications of the city kindergartens. The weekly program includes drama play, puppetry, visual arts (painting, collage, and handicrafts), psychomotor exercises (music – singing – dancing), fairy tale and stories reading, sensory play and outside activities (viewing theatre performances, excursions to city parks etc.). Audiovisual media is the key tool for education and creative work of the specific population as they facilitate communication difficulties.

After the end of the three-month operation of the kindergarten, there were significant changes. The children gained important skills such as discipline, familiarity with the Greek language, team spirit, recognition and expression of emotions, crude and subtle mobility. There was a significant development in their emotional intelligence and their relationship with the other children in the nursery. It was also observed that the race differences that may have existed, have been smoothed. Our ultimate goal is the multi-faceted and multicultural development of children.

☒  Language Training

☒ Intercultural communication

Kindergarten of Municipality has been established on January 2018. This is at Koutsohero refugee camp. The aim of Kindergarten is the education and creative work of children.

Name: Kerasia Dalakoni

Organisation: Municipality of Larissa / Counseling Center

Telephone: +302410680243


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