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Sport as a common space for integration

Newly arrived refugees and immigrants

The sport movement has a potential as integration arena, not least through the sport’s global recognition factor and that many people feel joy in playing sports. In Sweden there is a great willingness to work with the national sport Association level integration of newly arrived refugees and immigrants. The Government announced in its budget for the 2015 an extended support to the sport with 32 million. In the budget bill so mentioned that sport has a particularly important role in helping newly arrived immigrants to become part of, and involved in, the Swedish society. The potential of Swedish sport as integration arena is clear and involves great possibilities, but also a collective responsibility for sport movement to dare to change, meet and invite.

The Government believes that it is especially important to provide good conditions for new arrivals to become involved in the Swedish society. The sports movement provide meeting places for all and is thus an arena for integration. The Government therefore provides 64 million annually to support the sports movement’s work with new arrivals in Sweden.


Example Sport club,IFK Nyköpings

In October 2015 took the sport club,IFK Nyköpings, contact with Solbacka refugee camp with the hope of being able to find some new volleyball players while making a good effort to support newly arrived. The club got funds from Sörmland county sport committee to fund the project through the incentive funds available to apply for integration facilities. Since November 5, on Thursdays and Sundays, three volleyball players from Solbacka refugee camp participate in men’s team’s training and transportation to and from Solbacka has been arranged by Swedes in the team. In addition to men’s team’s training Hazem Hamdosh, with international experience in Syria, has been involved as an assistant coach for the youth (U17) as well as for the women’s team. Since november 2015 has men’s team participated in three series. The three volleyball players from Solbacka refugee camp has participated at all the matches and they are now licensed for IFK.

In summary, integration project with refugees Solbacka camp contributed to men’s volleyball team had a more stable platform and the three newly arrived are now included in the team. By donations of balls to Solbacka refugee camp, it has it contributed to more coaching volleyball at the camp. The collaboration has also meant that many members in IFK Nyköping have donated clothes and other items to Solbacka camp and this has contributed for better understanding between newly arrived and the Swedes. Volleyball side of the Club intends to continue cooperating with Solbacka by submitting a new application to the sport committee of the county.

The impact on national level

Since 2015, more than 850 sport clubd in 39 Municipality have initiated different projects aimed at engaging newly arrive immigrants and refugees in sport activities. Except the sport activities, the project aims to create space for contacts between native Swedes and newly arrived.

Further, many sport clubs have realised that they will be able to detect future talents among newly arrived.

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