Training Mentors and Providing Mentoring

Social Capital

This activity aims at providing mentoring to TCNs for improving their social and active citizenship skills through implementation of activities dedicated to different such skills’ development in sessions with mentors. Locals are trained on intercultural communication, mentoring, and tools for assessing TCNs’ skills and selecting activities based on the assessment results. Consequently, they take the role of mentors to have one-to-one or group mentoring sessions with TCNs .

  1. In case of locals experienced in mentoring, please proceed with step 2. In case of locals who have basic knowledge on mentoring or are inexperienced, please follow the Mentor’s Training Curriculum and study the Mentor’s Training Material (PPT Presentation and Activities) to get trained in intercultural communication and mentoring and get introduced to the Online Active Citizenship Assessment Tool (OACAT) and the Empowerment Toolkit (EMKIT) (if the future mentor is you). If the future mentors are other locals, organise Mentor’s Workshops using the above material to train others.
  2. Match yourself with one or up to five TCNs that you share things in common by checking their Profiling Questionnaires (“Questionnaires for Matching”)  (if the mentor is you) or create matching pairs or groups of one local and up to five TCNs (if the mentor is another local).
  3. Start the mentoring sessions with the TCN or group of TCNs by evaluating their current social and active citizenship skills through the OACAT. Each TCN completes the questionnaire on his/her own.
  4. Based on the OACAT results (TCN’s current level on the Active Citizenship Scale), develop along with each TCN an Action Plan with the activities from EMKIT (of the respective level) that you will implement together for his/her improvement. 
  5. Select activities from the pool of each level based on TCN’s attributes, needs, and desires.
  6. In the same session, start implementing the first activity. Use the provided instructions and annexes and be flexible with the content and way of implementing the activity.
  7. Continue with the rest of the activity or implement another activity in the second session. Use the provided instructions and annexes and be flexible with the content and way of implementing the activity.
  8. If possible, continue with more mentoring sessions and implementation of all activities of the specific level or other relevant activities.
  9. Optionally, reevaluate each TCN’s social and active citizenship skills by using the OACAT again to see if there was improvement.