Best Practice 24

Empowerment kit for Immigrant Women with Low Educational/Working Experience

☒ Intercultural communication


The project was implemented in Sweden, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic.

The project was supported by partners FU-Uppsala(S), Documenta (ES), Dimitra(GR), MMC (CY), Akses(CZ). FU-Uppsala(S) worked with development of new teaching methods in liberal adult education for organization of “ice-breaking” training courses for immigrants. As a coordinator of the project FU-Uppsala had a crucial role to monitor the development of EM-kit based on Liberal Adult Education methodology. Documenta (ES) specialized in “applied social research”, analysis and strategic planning, has long experience from likewise projects under EQUAL, Interreg, Culture, Leonardo Da Vinci. Apart from development and test of EM-kit, Documenta was responsible for dissemination of project results. Dimitra(GR) worked with pre-vocational/professional training for socially sensitive groups, migrants aiming to acquisition of skills for a successful integration into the labour market and will be responsible to ensure quality of overall exploitation of results.  MMC (CY) was an expert in development of ICT-tools for training and integration of disadvantaged groups and will be responsible for development of web-site of the project and web-based dissemination material. Akses(CZ) had expertise in development of new counselling methods for integration of immigrants in Czech Republic and ensured appropriate guidance of the target group. FU-Lund(S) had participated in several transnational projects focusing upon unemployed, individuals on long term sick leave and immigrants and has excellent networking skills.




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