Implementing Mingling Experiences

☒  Social Capital  

These activities aim at bringing TCNs and locals together for getting to know each other and at the same time getting familiar with one another’s culture. Through innovative activities in the form of events based on the concept of “Human Universals” or “Human Commonalities”  (things all people share), small groups of equal number of TCNs and locals mingle in “common places” with the aid of local facilitators to be reminded of things they share and get motivated to share their own “cultural reality” with people from different cultural backgrounds. They narrate stories, show and exchange objects, play games, and engage in other activities that are representative of their own cultures so as to discover common cultural and social pattern

  1. Read carefully the Methodological Guide for the Mingling Experiences’ Facilitator
  2. Create mixed groups of equal number of TCNs and locals paying attention to attributes like their age, gender etc., if necessary
  3. Select the main activity that you will implement, read the description of the respective human universal/commonality carefully as well as the instructions of implementation, and get well prepared (necessary material and equipment)
  4. Implement first the ice breaking activity that accompanies the selected activity
  5. Implement the main activity
  6. Ask for participants’ reflection on the process
  7. Optionally (if it is not pointed out by the discussion), explain to participants the human universal/commonality behind the activity